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Body to Body Massage

Besides the hands, also other body parts can be used during a massage. During a body to body massage the whole body is used t massage the client. By using the whole body the masseuse can combine harder kneading and stroking with the hands with softer and sweeter strokes of her chest, breasts and belly to give the client a great relaxing experience. Because the massage thereapist is using her whole body to treat the client, a body to body massage is often referred to as an erotic massage. A lot of massage parlours that offer a body to body massage don't offer sexual services, so it is very important to clarify your expecations and needs before the massage starts to make sure you have the best experience the masseuse can offer.

This type of massage is most beneficial for clients dealing with stress, tiredness, tense muscles and related health issues. It is important that the client has some experience getting a massage and feels comfortable around the masseuse to make sure the massage has its effect.By giving into the relaxing experience the client can let go and completely enjoy the massage.

By using massage oil the masseuse is able to use her breasts and bottom for example to give a relaxing and soft treatment. By focussing on relaxing the body and mind the treatment will not feel cheap at all, but will give the client a unique massage experience to let go of stress and tiredness in a comfortable environment. It can happen that the client gets aroused during the treatment, that is nothing to be embaressed about. Do keep in mind that the masseuse agreed to a certain treatment and keep those boundaries in mind. By using several body parts to massage the complete body of the client there is no distance between the client and the masseuse and the treatment will feel like one of the most sweet and soft massages around.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage or sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual arousal

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage raises your inner energy frequency in your core. Spreading that energy, transferring it to all parts of your body helps your inner energy to stay higher for longer periods of time, even days later.

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